Last beach trip with small bike

I can’t wait to take the Big Dummy to the beach and bring every sand toy we own, but today we went out on the Milano so I could get a new kickstand at Dutch Bike Co before hitting the beach on this first temperate day of the year. We had snacks and played with Don Juan, temporary shop dog, while his uncle Lance installed a Velo Orange Porteur Double Kickstand. I liked my previous Pletscher Two-leg Kickstands, but considering I’ve gone through two of them, it’s probably a good idea to try something new (plus Dutch Bike Co has decided to stop carrying them).

The beach was great. A bit on the cold side–somewhere above 50 degrees with a slight breeze–but very sunny. I downloaded Instagram so I can take postcard-y pictures now:

The slight breeze helped me discover that the new kickstand is not as good as the old kickstand was (before it broke in two, that is). I had to hold the bike upright after unloading one basket and even once I had everything off and thought things were steady, it tipped over. Thank goodness there are millions of trees in this city so I could prop the bike up for safe and easy reloading.

On our way to the beach we noticed a train table through the window of Snoose Junction Pizzeria so we stopped in for dinner. The place is full of bikes and trains! Unfortunately it no longer is also home to the Addams Family pinball machine which I had heard moved here from Sock Monster (where I also didn’t get around to visiting it in time).

It was dark by the time we left Snoose Junction, but Dutch Bike Co was still open so we swung by to have the kick stand taken off while it’s still in resellable shape. When I can get back in, they’ll put a super duper double kickstand on–I think this Hebie one, which comes on the WorkCycles Oma and Opa bikes.

I should have bought a spare front light while I was in the shop, but I didn’t want to pour most of my store credit into something other than the new pricey kickstand. I didn’t think we’d be out past sunset and I have yet to find a way to attach my Planet Bike Blaze effectively. I’ve had it down on the fork, but it aims up in the air, blinding pedestrians. I don’t have any handlebar room thanks to the Bobike windscreen, but there’s a light cut-out in the middle of the skirt so I’ve been meaning to find a way to poke it through there. But for today, we rode home with only a rear light. I was surprised and embarrassed to be the only bike with no light–even the runner we passed sported a headlamp. We took the Burke Gilman Trail, which is well lit between Ballard and Fremont and then up Stone Way’s bike lane, which felt fine with just a rear light since the cars only saw me from the back and there’s little side street traffic. At the top of the hill I switched to the sidewalk. It was probably nicer for the pedestrians I encountered that I didn’t shine a bright light at them. There wasn’t much foot traffic on 45th for a Friday night and we cruise at close to pedestrian speed so it worked well. But lesson learned and I’ll make sure I’m all lit up before taking the Milano out again, no matter the time of day.

5 thoughts on “Last beach trip with small bike

  1. Is it the base width on the kickstand that isn’t working?

    I am most impressed and in awe of that load of toys! I don’t take toys with us anywhere, unless it’s a multi-hour car ride.

    The view of the mountains behind the beach was a tie for impressiveness. So majestic and calm. Geographic envy.

    I don’t know if Targets have the same clearance across the nation, but ours had Bell led bike lights for $6 this week. We bought three.

    • I’m not sure what was wrong with that kickstand. By design (or at least in this install) it sat at an angle and just didn’t seem sturdy enough for my heavy rig.

      As for all the toys, I think it comes down to you being more energetic than me :) I need to rest once I’ve biked us somewhere so thus the toys to entertain the kids while I laze around.

      Thanks for the Target tip. I’ve been meaning to try to figure out a bike route to the closest one. I read that they’re building a mini one downtown soon (assuming it’s still happening). And nice to hear you have a Target, even if you don’t have REI :)

      • There is no energy here, hence the not loading toys. I am a bench warmer at the park too.

        Target requires a bus/car trip, but there is one in the neighboring town. I acquired the bike lights b/c I have this really great friend who calls/emails me anytime she’s shopping out of town. She bought us two packs of rechargeable of batteries, for said lights, which she also bought, at Sam’s Club this weekend.

        It’s a system. Not a great one, but pretty decent :)

  2. Our combined experience goes to show that a Pletscher double kickstand just isn’t up to the job of kids or cargo. But the Hebie on our old Dutch bike was burly. I think that’ll be the ticket.

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