Biking Snowmageddon again

The snow is still here and today we took and even shorter trip to the closest grocery store. I lost momentum with half a block of snow to go and had to walk to 45th for the cleared road. I’m not sure if studded tires would have made much difference with the trailer pulling me backwards.

There were more cars out than I’d expected, including a snow plow. It wasn’t plowing when we saw it and it looked like a privately-owned truck. The grocery store was more crowded than I’d expected, too. I didn’t take note of the parking lot yesterday, but I think today was probably the day people finally ventured out for supplies.

When we arrived there was just a dog at the bike rack and a pair of skis leaning against the building, most shoppers having come by car or foot. But upon our exit there were two bikes, two dogs, one kid, and one sled.

The trailer seems to be working well for the kids. They aren’t bickering in such close quarters and it’s warm enough to leave their hands bare so they can snack. I can’t hear a thing they’re saying back there, but for short trips that’s not a bad thing ;)

2 thoughts on “Biking Snowmageddon again

  1. Good for you!

    Love the Ranier staple. Everytime I’m in Seattle (and I’m coming in from the south), I’m sad to not see the big R sign.

    • I’m embarrassed to admit this is my first Rainier purchase. But it won’t be my last! Normally I would have bought bottles and put them in my messenger bag, but the cans fared OK in the back of the trailer. Now that I think about it, though, bottles would have been fine, too. The snow is so cushiony and I moved verrrry slowly.

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