So much snow gear

We headed back to the Seattle Center today for the Model Railroad Show at the Pacific Science Center. I’ve never parked a bike there and was looking forward to utilizing the bike rack inside the parking structure…but with running late and having to retrieve a runaway toddler boot I just locked up to the bike rack right outside the door. Someone had left his sleeping bag next to the rack so I figured it was well sheltered from snow.

I had bundled up the boys a bit more today: extra sweater under their snowsuits and ski mask and ski goggles for the little guy and sunglasses for the big guy. But it made for a lot of stuff to cart around. Even if I wanted to pay a dollar for a locker (which I didn’t–the whole reason I take the bike over is because I’m cheap!), I would have needed at least three.

The show was AWESOME. There was an indoor ride-on train as well as the Iron Horse Railway down from Bothell. I assumed the conductor had driven it down from Bothell Country Village so I asked him what the conditions of the Burke-Gilman Trail were. Turns out the train isn’t street legal and he transported it by flat bed truck.

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