Double shopping

Just another day of appreciating my new bike and how much junk it can accommodate in its trunk. I swung by the grocery stores to get a couple bags of stuff and since I still had room, stopped in at the pet store for a 14.5-pound bag of dog food. Only one problem: now that the kid seat is as far back as possible, the longest part of the foot rest is in the middle of where the backmost shopping bag sits. That cuts down cargo capacity a bit so I’m considering moving the seat back to its previous position. I’m sure the two inches of space is negligable in other areas–separation of the two boys (we’ve had occasional “He’s touching me!” incidents), room for a possible third passenger (friend, not new baby), versus weight feeling heavier farther back on the bike–so I guess I’m not too disappointed at the thought of changing things back the way they were.

I didn’t want to risk sticky FreeLoaders and placed my bulk honey in the front basket. It was still a little precarious with my floppy front wheel; items like this will travel more safely once my front wheel stabilizer spring is ready. The basket usually swings all the way to the side (that’s the reason for the inner tube wrapped around the top tube in the bottom of the picture below). But even when the basket stays put, I think I’ll continue to transport the most fragile items, such as eggs, in my messenger bag on my back. I’m still figuring out the many nuances of grocery shopping by bike.

In the afternoon I took the direct route all the way up Fremont Avenue North to the zoo. It’s totally doable with two kids and 27 gears! It’s still not easy, but it’s nice to know I don’t have to go out of the way if I don’t want to. I didn’t transport much weight besides the kids, but I did have a lot of bulk on board: stroller, big bag of snacks, and big bag of cloth diapers and baby clothing to hand down. Love this bike!

10 thoughts on “Double shopping

  1. Looks like so much fun you are truly an inspiration to me. Is that a Peanut seat? With one kid where would you think optimal placement would be? I’d prefer some space so he’s not right up close to me (better views to be had than my butt). Also does it change the handling depending on position. Thank you!!

    • Hi Lindsay! I’ve been meaning to comment on your blog–I’m very excited for you and your bike-to-be! I’m counting down the days :) I especially love your reason for getting started with this year-long commitment. Not that you’re lazy, but *I* am very motivated by my laziness. I love not having to deal with walking from car parking spots to get places now.

      I have a Yepp PeaPod III which was part of the Xtracycle Family Kit. My previous bike has a Bobike maxi+ on the back. Both great seats, but it’s truly awesome home easily the PeaPod goes off and on the bike.

      I haven’t experimented with the seat all the way forward, but most longtails I see with one passenger seem to be set up that way. I think the handling between seat all the way forward and all the way back is probably a bit different, but with these heavy bikes, it’s probably not really a big deal. Sorry, I didn’t really answer your question!

      • Hey,
        You know I hadn’t even thought about parking spots! How awesome is that! I just saw your snowy pics on Twitter- how cute! I showed them to my husband, he was impressed too!
        I think the Peapod only works with some special alterations on the Mundo, so I don’t know what will end up happening but I hope I don’t have to wait until the end of Feb to get one:(
        Bye for now!
        P.S. the first snowflakes are starting to fall here in SE Washington.

  2. I am in contant awe at the amount of things you can carry on your bike at any given time!

    In the pictures I can bet that foot placement really does impede in the stuff-ability of those freeloaders.

    You will be so much happier with that front spring stabilizer!

    Yay for bike love! it’s a very special thing I liken to the love a cowboy must have for their horse.

    • Interesting, Kath! Have you tested out any of the Xtracycles at Clever Cycles? It is a very different ride than a bakfiets…but I’ll admit I love love love renting bakfietsen when I’m out of town. I spent a week with a Gazelle Cabby in San Diego and it was so awesome (and flat).

      Not a bad thing to have more than one horse in the stable…

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