First bike tow

It was only two blocks, but I towed a bike with my bike! A neighborhood mom posted that she was giving away a 16″ boys bikes and while I still intend to use my Bike Works voucher, I just can’t pass up a free bike! Again, I assumed it would be blue like last time (which turned out to be pink and covered in princesses), but he seems cool with red. And if he ever starts pedaling, maybe he’ll get to pick out his own bike.

While I was loading the bike, a guy walked by and asked if I was going to seat a third kid on it. It was fairly stable with it’s front wheel secured in the FreeLoader, but not stable enough to take a passenger. Although now that I’m thinking about it, I’m sure there are riders who’ve tried.

The bike’s in really good condition and just needs some handlebar rust steel-wooled off and the seat could use a patch. I told my husband that I ordered a kiddie Brooks saddle for it and he just rolled his eyes. After tilting up my new saddle a teensy bit, it’s perfectly comfortable, but he hasn’t stopped grumbling about it.

One thought on “First bike tow

  1. Happy chuckles at the guy who thought you needed to be hauling another kid & at your husband’s eye rolling. I know I’m lucky that I got this cool Brooks saddle without knowing what I was getting, but I think that’s the only part of me that is bony and I could use a saddle with a little more padding.

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