Foot pegs and Brooks saddle

Second day in a row visiting the Space Needle. We used to have a discounted season pass, but this year we’re just going once (well, twice) as part of the cheap Winter Special CityPASS. I didn’t realize Space Santa wasn’t Earthside yesterday so it was necessary to utilize our visit-twice-within-two-days coupon today. But first we stopped at South Lake Union Park to take a closer look at the empty model boat test pond. Yesterday we circled it per our usual routine and saw a guy taking a photo of a model sailboat laying in the empty pond. My picture isn’t nearly as poignant, but much more fun…until the kids finally ran back over with green slime all over their gloves. They declared it algae, but I’m pretty sure it was fermented goose poo. So no gloves for the rest of the day.

Oh, and it’s a nice shot of a stroller in the FreeLoader. I remember the days I thought I could only bring the stroller if I used the double trailer…and more recently carefully bungeed to the OG mamafiets. It’s quite nice to just toss it in the bag and know it’ll stay there. And the hole in the FlightDeck provides a perfect perch for Sockeye Salmon.

Space Needle Santa was a partial bust (poor baby!):

But I got closer to finding the perfect bike-and-Space-Needle shot by laying on the ground a couple steps below the bike in front of the box office. My usual Space Needle bike rack has been torn out and replaced by a construction zone so I locked up to the railing right out front. It wasn’t crowded enough for me to feel too guilty about parking illegally. And yesterday as we located the bike on the 40-second ride down, the elevator operator mentioned she’d been admiring it from her post.

I normally take Westlake heading south of Lake Union, but with the construction lately, we either take Dexter and miss the lake altogether or brave the sidewalk of the Broad Street tunnel under Aurora. I’ve even contemplated biking on the east side of Lake Union more often, but I just don’t like it over there–too crowded on Eastlake, too hilly on Fairview. Today we took 9th on the way south, but heading home discovered that Terry is open to bikes and peds. The BICYCLISTS SLOW DOWN DANGER AHEAD sign didn’t phase me–those signs should be placed at every intersection in SLU. It’s all dangerous down here if you go too fast. So our new route takes us only a block out of the way and allows us a great view of construction equipment and up-close encounters with construction men. Win-win.

We paid a quick visit to a cool bike rack on 11th in the U-District (Health Alliance International, 4534 11th Ave NE). One either has to lift his/her bike over the curb or wheel through the dirt to get to the rack so that’s not ideal, but it sure looks nice. I didn’t think to check out its pedigree, but will in future. It’s always fun to browse bike rack manufacturer sites.

Finally, we made it to Ride Bicycles where Edward put foot pegs on the Big Dummy so the big kid can climb aboard on his own and ride more comfortably. They’re just bar ends and Edward found a spare pair of grips to trim down to size to make them extra fancy and foot-friendly.

Speaking of Edward and Big Dummies, here is his Big Dummy, sporting waterproof covers he custom made for his FreeLoaders:

And he’s got a sweet trailer hitch for pulling bikes around. I’m not planning on anything so burly for my bike, but maybe some day I’ll be a big-time bike hauler.

I also joined the cult of Brooks and swapped out my slightly uncomfortable saddle for a more uncomfortable B17S. But it’s so cool! I hear they wear in. It’s mostly just slippery and I slid off a couple times on the way home. But it’s so cool!

9 thoughts on “Foot pegs and Brooks saddle

  1. May I ask why you went with a B-17? Typically when your bars at set at or above saddle height a B-67 or springless B-68 is the way to go. I find that the extra width is also helpful for women’s more widely set sit bones. I’ve never ridden a B-17 but I always figured that if you weren’t in a drop bar position they’d be rather uncomfortable.

    • Ohmigosh–I think you’re right and it’s a B-68. I was just comparing my photo to pictures online because I couldn’t remember which one it was and was too lazy to go down to the garage and look at it or figure out where I hid my paperwork. I’m a couple days behind on posting, but I’ve discovered it’s perfectly comfortable with zero or one kid on the bike–interesting what an extra 30 pounds of ballast will do. And I’ve since tilted it up a tiny bit, but haven’t yet tested the new angle with both kids to make sure I’ve got it down. I’m going to correct the post now–thanks! (And verify the model number in the morning)

      • I’ve got an ‘aged’ B68 on my cargo bike and it’s the most comfortable saddle I’ve ever had. Give it time to work its magic. A little proofide on the top and underside of the saddle will go a long way too.
        Trust me, I eased into the world of leather saddles like an old man into a bath but now I could buy 2 or 3 new bikes with the money I’ve spent fitting my jalopies with Brooks and VO saddles.

    • Ash, you were right and I’m an idiot–it *was* a B17S (and says so right on the side). I finally noticed and reread your comment and have ditched the saddle and am saving up for the B68S. Thanks so much for this comment.

  2. I have been thinking about trying out this bar-end foot peg idea on my Big Dummy. Did you have any issues with foot clearance (yours) on the back side of the pedal stroke?

    Also, what’s that clamp(?) on the v-rack just below the foot peg? Is that anchoring the rack?

    • I have a similar kiddo foot peg set up on my BigDummy. My size 12 feet have never made contact with the pegs. My kids do sometimes intentionally kick my feet/legs while I pedal though, so be warned.

      My pegs are plain metal and they’re slippery when wet. It sometimes makes it difficult for the kids to get on by themselves. The old grip hacked onto there seems like a prudent mod.

  3. Several things. I have one bottle cage on my bike, you have three. Jealous! Clever rain covers for freeloaders…more awesome Seattle bikey goodness. Bike racks you can’t actually use, that’s all we have at the park :) Lastly, I had a dream a while back where I came to Seattle to test ride bikes. We had a great time.

    It was 60 degrees today! Hope your new year has a warm and dry start.

    • Does your frame have braze-ons for more cages? Mine has one additional set. I think the bigger frames (I’m just 16 inches) have six!! What a lovely dream! Although more bikes in one place if you go to Portland…and if you ever do, I will be sure to come down and see you there.

      We had amazingly nice weather, too–50 and sunny. Happy New Year!

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