Practice carpool

After no biking and a lot of driving yesterday (down to Kent and back and then to Issaquah and back), we got back on the bike for a rainy two-mile ride to preschool. I wrapped up the bike for a four-hour sit and a friend fetched the little one and me on her way home from kindergarten dropoff for a playdate at her house. Due to the slight difference in school start times, I probably could have arrived at her Loyal Heights (heights=uphill) home at the same time as her, but it was a convenient experiment. From reading Car Free Days and A Simple Six, I’ve discovered it’s helpful to utilize carpools for car-free and car-light living.

There was one problem: I got really cold! All my routes involve enough hill (and it doesn’t take much) to keep me warm, but sitting in a car for ten minutes instead of pedaling for 30 doesn’t heat one’s core. Now I know how the kids must feel. Bummer for them, because I probably won’t be as accommodating of “But I don’t want to wear my mittens!” as I have been.

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