Hail no

The forecast threatened a bit of snow tonight, but I didn’t take it too seriously…even after we rode over some salted sidewalk on Westlake. It’s much too early in the season to start worrying about snow. I wasn’t able to get the boys into all their new warm gear, but they were warm enough and I figure they’ll let me add pieces as they get chillier. The more exposed rear kid isn’t comfortable wearing the ski goggles so we substituted sunglasses. The front kid didn’t want balaclava, goggles, or even gloves, but his fairing keeps him sheltered. And he had his salmon on his lap to tuck his hands under.

Heading home from the Seattle Center at 4:30 we encountered a bit of hail. I thought it was freezing rain or sleet (maybe those are the same thing?), but a more weather-savvy friend later informed me it was hail. It wasn’t too bad, but it started while I was slowly making my way up Densmore–my latest hill of choice–on the way home. I’d taken off my jacket and gloves and found the hail refreshing. The kids didn’t complain, either, so this daily winter riding might just work out.

3 thoughts on “Hail no

  1. Every morning I have to convince my children to at least put the cold weather gear in their bag, just in case they need it. They certainly won’t wear it! Let me know if you ever find a way to get them to prepare themselves ;) So far the winter weather has been mild, the winter has been the worst of it.

    Do you like the fairing (I would have called it a windshield)? Seriously considering the Madsen with homemade cover b/c I love the comfort of the trailer for the littles, but love the ease of the Yuba.

    • I love the fairing (and doesn’t that just sould cooler than “windshield?” ;))! It made such a difference in speeding downhill comfort. I’m sure at some point iBert will make one.

      At least my guys are both little enough that if I were to put the effort into being playful about rain gear I could get them both properly outfitted. If. Front kid got cold on the way home, but still didn’t want his gloves so I convinced him to stuff his hands and toy train into my saddle cover.

  2. I use peer pressure to get my kids to wear coats & gloves. Mom’s wearing it, sibling is wearing it, so whichever one is holding out will get on board. It’s when I take off my coat or gloves that the rebellions really begin.

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