What makes a cargo bike?

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit like a cargo bike poseur. Wikipedia defines cargo bikes as “human powered vehicles designed and constructed specifically for transporting large loads.” There are quite a few people riding around on true cargo bikes in Seattle. My Milano wasn’t built for hauling, but after taking a lengthy ride on my road bike last night I feel secure in my identity as an after-market cargo bike.

This morning half my cargo and I went looking for the plush fish I lost last night. It’s the same color as the plentiful fallen leaves so we didn’t have much luck. We even took Broad Street under Aurora to leave no stone unturned. It’s not so bad hopping the curb with just one passenger, but I’m glad to go back to my longer, wimpier route in future.

We explored the waterfront on our way back north, including the Elliott Bay Public Fishing Pier, conveniently ignorning the NO BIKES OR SKATES ALLOWED ON THIS PIER sign since there were no fish or fisherpeople to alarm.

We couldn’t visit Ballard without a stop at Dutch Bike Co for a snack, but we eventually made it to the ballot box in front of the Ballard library.

And I finally got back to heavy hauling with a stop at Trader Joes where we overdid things–one kid held a bag of veggie chips and the other a bushel of bananas. So I say I am a cargo bike…just not a very efficient one.

11 thoughts on “What makes a cargo bike?

  1. It was your cargo bike that brought me here! I love how you can haul two children and ALL their gear (bikes, strollers, etc) and still get the bike on the BUS! It would have been the ideal set up for us, should we not have two other children :) Sorry you lost your fish.

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