New quick-release basket

Not family-biking-related, but while the rest of the family was jumping in fall leaves at the Arboretum, I rode my beach cruiser to Ballard for a hair appointment and an impulse bike basket purchase. I had stopped in at Dutch Bike Co for a coffee and found myself browsing the baskets. There was only one white one, the Wald quick-release basket. I was smitten.

The Wald basket is a lot nicer than the rusty and bent basket previously on the cruiser–removed three-and-a-half years ago when we tried to attach the baby seat and never put back on. I’m not sure how often I’ll remove the basket from the bike, but it’s a nice feature. And it looks more attractive without the legs attaching it to the hub. It’s a little wobbly over bumps, so not the best basket for rugged riding, but beach cruisers shouldn’t have to deal with bumps. David faux-secured the basket with a removable zip tie (I had no idea they came in removable!) so I could give the illusion of being theft-proof. I just love leaving DBC with a zip tie to show for my visit!

It was nice to put my messenger bag in the basket, but the party only lasted a few blocks because I stopped at Fred Meyer and filled the basket with fruit and coffee. This was the first time the beach cruiser had transported anything other than beer. She’s growing up.

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