I-5 Colonnade

A troll tucked under the Aurora Bridge is nice, but a mountain bike park under the freeway is brilliant. We discovered it on our way to Capitol Hill. I don’t think I found the easiest route, but I was able to make it without walking. The first uphill block, on Roanoke alongside Rogers Playground was steep, but short, and there’s a nice one-block path behind the park.

The path under the freeway was nice and wide and the mountain bike trails were impressive. I didn’t try any of the trails, but I wouldn’t mind going back with the mountain bike to check out the easy Tqalu Trail.

Google maps suggested I take a left on Belmont, but it looked pretty steep and I could see the inviting Melrose Trail straight ahead so we went rogue. I arbitrarily chose Thomas Street as my left-turn hill and instantly regretted it. I think I normally wouldn’t have made it up the steep bricky block, but I was determined to make it to Capitol Hill all in the saddle. Next time I think I’ll stay on Melrose all the way to Pine and see how that works. But hopefully next time won’t be too soon.

Today’s miles: 10.0 miles
October cumulative: 116.9 miles
Days missed: 2

2 thoughts on “I-5 Colonnade

  1. Yep, just take Melrose all the way to Pine. Then you can head up Pine in the bike lane… I think Pike is a little less steep but there is no bike lane, just sharrows. Also, depending on where you are going on Cap Hill, I sometimes like to head up 10th to Broadway. It’s a long hill, but less steep than many of the ones coming from downtown. Although, I probably wouldn’t ride Broadway with kids during most hours of the day. Luckily there’s enough quite side streets.

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