Woodland Park

I made it up Fremont Avenue with just the front passenger! We stopped halfway up to watch a squirrel and take a picture of a cool mosaic, but I could have made it in one go. Looking at the picture of the bike, I’m feeling tempted to replace the black tire with a red wall to match. Poor sloppy Milano.

I thought we were meeting friends at the zoo for a leisurely stroll so I bungeed the stroller to the bike, but the plan changed to a ramble through Woodland Park. I hadn’t been to this part of the park since last year’s cyclocross race here. Last year we had one entrant in the kiddie category, but we’ll try to get them both on the course this year. I’m contemplating trying it myself, too–eek! I’ve heard beginners can borrow a bike. I’m not so jazzed about the fact that juniors race at the same time as beginners and ten-year olds will lap me as I struggle aroung the course.

This afternoon, we took advantage of the rare sunny day and headed to South Lake Union Park for Floating Farmers Market aboard our favorite boat, the Virginia V. This was our first visit since the fish taco (and other tasty items) vendor joined up. And my other favorite, Hart Coffee is still aboard.

Lunch and frolickng aboard the ship wasn’t enough Virginia V for the boys so on our way home we stopped in the Armchair Sailor on Westlake to admire the $650 scale model of her. Unfortunately, someone bought her and it was the last one. But even the disappointed boys couldn’t fault the sweet story–a man who’d been married aboard the ship (I’m imagining 50 years ago, but it’s probably much more recent) was overjoyed to see the model and had to have it.

Yesterday’s miles: 0.2 miles
Today’s miles: 14.4 miles
October cumulative: 92.1 miles
Days missed: 2

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