Fremont in the future

We haven’t had the most exciting couple of days, but it’s 30 Days of Biking, which means 30 days (OK, just 29 now since I’m combining two) days of blogging about biking so you get to hear about them.

Yesterday I had to make up for skipping Bumbershoot and take the kids to “Space Needle Swimming Pool” (DuPen Fountain) for some wading action. We hung out for a while and then biked under the monorail tracks to Westlake Center to look for bento boxes at Daiso and ride the escalator. And just to complete our touristy experience, we next headed to Pike Place Market and wandered around and ate blackberries.

I’m sure I’ll kick myself in a month for this complaint, but it was too hot today! I was tired and my easiest two gears had disappeared again and I somehow thought riding up Fremont Avenue would be easier than slogging up Stone. Not so. But it’s a pretty street with lots of trees so I think I might give it a try again on a cooler day with just the little one along. The big kid is starting preschool tomorrow (woo hoo!) so I should plan on scaling some big hills in my 12 one-kid hours a week.

This morning was spent in the car doing breakfast out, thrift store, and groceries. All places we can (barely) bike to, but I was feeling hot and tired still. But this afternoon was bikey with a trip to the local farmers market. I had originally told the boys we’d hook up the trailer and bring their balance bikes to the park, but I just couldn’t stomach the thought of more bike walking so soon.

We saw some awesome bike accessories on the bike rack at Meridian Park. First up, was a knit bike basket sweater. I’m calling it a sweater and not a liner on account of the cute mismatched buttons. I saw the owner riding away later, but was too shy to flag her down and ask about it. Next time.

And these handlebar flowers are pretty sweet. The boys sometimes have plastic flowers on their balance bikes, but these look fairly realistic as well as sturdy.

Best, though, was finding the lantern fish van in the Uptown Espresso parking lot. I think it was probably part of Art Walk and not part of farmers market. One of these days I hope to see it after dark when it’s all lit up.

Yesterday’s miles: 12.1 miles
Today’s miles: 1.3 miles
September cumulative: 70.9 miles

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