Deja zoo

OK, we didn’t actually go to the zoo today, but we did ride up to Phinney Ridge twice. It’s a climb to get there, but I like it because it’s all downhill to come back home. We met a friend at the new Phinney Market and Pub which could only be awesomer if it had a bike rack directly in front of it…but the one next door does the trick. Then we popped over to the playground a block away that we love, but have only been to twice because it’s not often we come to Phinney without spending all our time at the zoo.

We swung by Trader Joe’s on our way home, where I usually feel like I’m infiltrating a club for hipster bikes when I take a parking spot on the rail of kewlness out front. We had hoped to see Geoff, friend of Seattle Bike Blog‘s Tom, working today to talk to him about his hand-built bamboo bike. Not because we’re especially into hand-built bikes (although they are very cool), but because the boys love bamboo. Gnawing on it, that is. He wasn’t there this time, but soon he’ll be subjected to two small pandas shouting “Um um, bamboo! Um um, bamboo!” at him.

After an hour’s rest at home (not enough!), we headed back uphill to the Phinney Farmers Market for the highlight of our day: MoZo. They’re so cute! We listened to their “folk-pop and blues meets rock ‘n roll” while eating our Half Pint ice cream and it took me a while to notice their bikes behind them. They bike everywhere! They live in Ballard, but play all over the place. Hopefully they’ll play another daytime gig within my range soon.

And then just one final stop at Hagrid’s Chair outside Not a Number Cards & Gifts. They have them for sale now, for anyone in need of an enormous beach chair with six cup holders. I could possibly fold one up and bungee it to the bike, but we’ll stick with a picnic blanket for our outdoor seating needs.

Today’s miles: 12.9 miles
September cumulative: 21.9 miles

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