Drawbridge etiquette

While waiting for a sailboat to go through the Fremont Bridge, a slow biker hopped the line of patiently waiting bikes. I’ve always assumed this was a FIFO situation–first bike in, first bike out…except for spandex-clad roadies in a hurry, who are welcome to zoom ahead. Needless to say, I was appalled at her behavior and passed her twice–once when we all passed her on the bridge, and a second time when we caught up after our detour along the access road to bike by our secret train tracks below Westlake. Perhaps I’m overreacting, but I’m slow myself and try to stay out of the way so everyone can get where they need to get and not be annoyed at the mamafiets they encountered on the ride.

The Seattle Center was big fun today and I discovered the High Rail Bicycle at the Pacific Science Center. It’s 15 feet in the air above a net, water, and the skeletons of previous passengers. Supposedly the bike can’t fall off the one-inch rail, but it doesn’t feel all that stable. The little circular handlebars didn’t help, nor did the operator encouraging me try riding hands free (I did, for like a second–eek!). It’s only open in the summer, and only on nice-weather days, so we were lucky to have access today. And no flip flops allowed–I had to borrow my friend teeny little shoes. And yeah, I totally want to try it again!

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