Yellers and readers

I love the comments we get while out and about on the bike. This morning on our way to Ballard we got a “That’d make a nice picture!” and a “Cool!” but the best was the peeing guy in the bushes along the Fremont Cut who shouted “Hey!” to his wobbly buddy who was barley holding up the peeing guy’s bike while pointing at me with his non-aiming hand. I took it for a truncated “Hey! Look at that sweet bike! Did you see it? I’ll describe it to you when I’m done over here. And hey, don’t drop my bike…which is much lighter than her bike, by the way.”

On the way to the beach we stopped in at Dutch Bike Co. for a banana, an apple, and a bonus rear hub adjusting. My gears behaved for a day after my friend adjusted them, but went back to refusing me the two easiest gears. Upon leaving the shop we met a neighbor of Tocycle’s, who recognized my bike from pictures and opened with “I read your blog.” Too cool! She’s got a rear seat, but agrees with me that the handling with just a rear kid is squirrely. I told her I think a Bakfiets in Ballard is coming up for sale soon so hopefully next time I see her she’ll be sitting pretty on a cargo bike.

Heading home from the beach we had a cool wouldn’t-have-happened-in-the-car moment when we saw our favorite ship, the Virginia V, fueling up on the other side of the Aurora bridge. She doesn’t usually leave her moorage at South Lake Union Park so this was very exciting–even more exciting than the excited peeing dude this morning. We spent the rest of the ride home guessing what she was planning to do with her full fuel tank. I think we decided upon bringing a load of puppies and monkeys to the ferry terminal where they would cross the street to board a train.

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