Tour de skateparks

We started our day at seashell park (Ballard Commons Park) to play in the spray park and watch the skateboarders–after a stop by Dutch Bike Co for apple, banana, and coffee, as has become our Ballard habit lately.

The boys weren’t really feeling the spray park so when Brad texted that he and his Xtracycle full of kids and kid bikes were down at the Seattle Center, we migrated south. Along the way we got to wait for the Fremont drawbridge (always fun on the bike, pain in the butt in the car) and then retrieved the wheel I knocked off green plastic truck two weeks ago.

The Seattle Center was a much better time–the boys hopped right into the DuPen Fountain and splashed around. Brad and his kids took my bike for a little spin while his Xtracycle looked on and chuckled. Then I discovered how great it is to have a handy friend–I warned Brad he wouldn’t be able to shift into the two highest gears if he needed them, but he took a look and said it was actually my easiest two gears not working. Dude, I need those easy gears! No wonder the hills have been feeling harder lately. He asked what kind of tools I had on me (ha!) and then MacGyvered something together from his tool kit and Legos and adjusted my rear hub. And tightened my breaks.

After Brad and kids took off for lunch, we watched the skateboarders at Sea Sk8 for a bit before heading to a pre-preschool playdate nearby.

I should have taken the short and steep route home now that I’ve got my easy gears back, but we took the easy way up Stone and it only seemed fitting to stop at the Lower Woodland Park skatepark, where we sat and ate a snack while watching the skaters and scooterers. There was one kid on a bike inside the skatepark, but I think he was just watching his friends and not riding. I hadn’t noticed this, but bikes aren’t allowed in Seattle skateparks. Muuqi just wrote a piece about this on Life(Cycles). At least Lower Woodland Park has dirt jumps right next to the skatepark that we’ve enjoyed in the past and hosted a few BMX riders today.

2 thoughts on “Tour de skateparks

  1. Thanks for the mention! It can be really hard to notice that bikes AREN’T actually allowed in skateparks in Seattle because many bikers still ride there. I have been a part of that crowd many times in the past and luckily have never been kicked out by a cop or, worse, been ticketed (knocks on wood).

    In my experience, if you are respectful and aware of other park users, it’s a non-issue . . . which is how it should be anyway!

    Sounds like you all had a fun day out and about! Sometimes I wish that BMX bikes were more up to the task of actually GETTING you around, because then I’d do a Tour de Skateparks myself :-)

    • Sounds like you need an Xtracycle, too! ;) or maybe just a Trail Gator to tow a BMX bike around–that would work, wouldn’t it? And I think the Woodland Park skateboarders would have much preferred to share the park with BMX riders than the wobbly kids on razor scooters.

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