Birthday party by bike

April’s 4th birthday party by bike and car was great, but today’s 2nd birthday party was all bike and all awesome. It certainly helped doing an afternoon party so we didn’t bring as much food, most notably no coffee urn/cups/additives. We each dragged a trailer stuffed with plenty of stuff:

  • Every sand toy we own
  • Bubbles for everyone
  • Balloon animal kit
  • Face paint kit
  • Puppy-ear craft project
  • Lots of snacks
  • Plates and napkins
  • Ice chest full of water

What we didn’t have room for were the balance bikes. The boys snuck them out of the garage while we were loading up the trailers and got very upset when we had to stow them and go. I thought bringing them would be antisocial (because two-year olds are so social) and would have insisted on leaving them home even if there was room (I think).

My husband wedged the cooler into the single Burley trailer behind him and thought it weighed 100 pounds (I think he was exaggerating) and had to stop a few times to readjust it. I contemplated having the kids carry the cupcakes, but my awesome vegan baker neighbor, Vegan Cakes by JennyMac, brought them down to the park.

On the way home we accidentally turned up 4th instead of Latona like two days ago. Bike Mania day I only had one kid on the bike and made it up Latona. Today I had both kids and had to walk the entire block up 4th. I’m not going to miss lugging this trailer around now that Bike Mania and the puppy party are over!

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