Transporting eggs

New biking milestone today: grocery shopping including eggs. Based on a tip from VeloBusDriver who carries his eggs in his backpack, I stowed my carton in my small messenger back and wore it rather than stick it in the rear basket. I had meant to bring a large wet bag (waterproof bag we cloth diaperers can’t live without), but forgot and just hoped for the best.

The first real problem was laying claim to the eggs. After a bit of discussion: “I want to carry the eggs!” “I’m going to carry the eggs.” “Me!” “No, me.” “Me!!” “Listen, this is our first time biking eggs so Mama will carry them this time. Maybe next time you will carry the eggs. Besides, you’ve already got your big dirty stick you’ve been carrying everywhere for three days now.” I carried the eggs.

The second problem was when we got home: “Let me just hold one egg.” OK, I got out an egg for him to hold for a moment. Then the baby needed to hold an egg, too. OK, great photo opp. Then the big kid needed to hold two eggs. I turned away for a sec and heard a *crunch*. Apparently two eggs is too many. So all twelve eggs made it home and eleven of twelve eggs made it into the house. We’ll see if we can do better next time.

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