Burley naps

I don’t think any bike setup is nap-friendlier than a trailer. Our oldie-but-goodie Burley doesn’t have a helmet reservoir so both kids ended up slumped over with their helmets askew. I’ll admit that their Little Nutties were a bit too big a couple weeks ago, but Jon of J.C. Lind Bike Co. generously gave me the extra paddding they should have come with (REI clearance helmets for ya) and they fit well now. I’ll have to experiment with side cushions next time we take a tired kid on a Burley ride…perhaps with full grocery bags to kill two birds with one stone ;)

Just what was so tiring, you ask? Day Out with Thomas the Train in the morning did in the little one and the Ballard SeafoodFest in the afternoon knocked out the big one. This picture in front of the huge salmon was the only time I carried both kids all day. I’m come to realize that riding with only the front kid feels fine, but with just the back kid feels a bit wobbly. But then, riding without either kid feels a bit wobbly so it’s probably just that I’m not used to a normally-weighted bike. Either way, much respect for parents with kids only on the back.

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