Wading pool with all the trimmings

We skipped morning swim class to help with the Starbucks 5th of July Lake Union Cleanup. I told myself it was because we were up too late last night to make it to the pool by 9am, but it was really because I’d rather ride my bike to a place and get free stuff than drive the car and not get free stuff. Just like last year, the gung ho early birds got all the good trash, but we found a couple hidden glass bottles and cans to add to our measly collection of bottle caps, cigarette butts, and firework remains. The blue bags are recyclables and the black trash. And that’s not including the Gas Works Park trash, which the city took responsibility for. Note: I didn’t move my bike next to the trash heap for this picture; I parked on an empty tree and the heap formed next to me. Does make for a nice shot, though.

Our afternoon ride was to the Green Lake wading pool. We were pretty loaded up with swim suits, towels, water toys (two tug boats, two buckets, two scoops), picnic blanket, picnic food, and messenger bag. A mom at the wading pool recognized me with, “Aren’t you the one with the bike?” We talked about baby bike seats a year ago and now she’s got her fourth baby on the way. I tried to talk her into an Xtracycle in case she wants to carry more than two kids at a time. Only one of them looked big enough to bike solo.

I haven’t decided the best route home from our old ‘hood yet, but today we wanted to visit some of our favorite potholes (the boys love potholes, don’t ask me why) so we swung through Roosevelt for the big holes on NE Ravenna Blvd and the orca-shaped divot on Roosevelt Way NE. We popped into Trader Joes for a few necessities, but I didn’t have anywhere to put the grocery bag. Fortunately the baby was game and held it on his lap for the short ride home.

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