Solo beach trip

I found my way to Matthews Beach Park today. Not the most efficient way, of course, because that wouldn’t be keeping in character. I followed Google maps suggestion to leave the Burke-Gilman and get on Sand Point Way. But the boys got to see a construction site, including flagger who stopped our traffic for a few minutes, so that was cool. On the way home we were smart and picked up the trail at the edge of the park.

We met up with some friends, including Andy and his awesome Xtracycle (the photo’s from Touch-A-Truck at Magnuson Park a couple weeks back, btw):

But before I get to the Xtracycle, I was pleased to see I can pack enough stuff for the beach just on my bike (last time my husband pulled a trailer full of crap, too). Except for the big green truck that has to come with us everywhere, I brought minimal beach toys and just one small towel, but it did the trick. Andy, on the other hand, was able to throw just anything onto his X, including a retired metal pot. Yeah, the cooking kind. Talk about a big scoop! My kids would love something like that at the beach, but not until we have more storage room.

I took the X for a spin with the seat down most of the way, but it was still too big for me. However, it was enough to make me fall in love with Xtracycles a little more. I rode with the kids one at a time–not for safety reasons, but because it was too hard to get them out of the playground sand pit–and they both liked it. The four-year old is even able to dismount solo, I learned during a slow turn when he catapulted himself off to run back to the sand pit and snatch his precious green truck away from his little brother. I’m still worried about sibling friction with them so close together, but they’re finally getting to a stage where they play together more than they fight over toys (unless the green truck is involved, obviously).

Best discovery was the Rolling Jackass double kickstand (the names of these things!). With handlebar deployment lever! I didn’t realize the price tag was $400 as I was testing it out today. Whoa. But worth it.

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