Around Lake Union with Spokespeople

Let me start by saying, the Spokespeople are no wimps! I thought I would learn a better (flatter) route around Lake Union this afternoon, but we took the same route I discovered on Monday, complete with half-block walk up Hamlin. At least this time I knew to build up enough momentum to make it over the crest at the top of Yale Terrace at Roanoke.

The ride was fun and everyone was super nice. It was family-friendly, save for the possible prostitute we biked by on Eastlake. But the biggest hit was the banana bike–or Velomobile–on the ride. It cornered surprisingly well for its size, but the rider had to stop and renegotiate tight turns a couple times. It even had little turn signals on the front. We rode behind it so the kids could keep an eye on it. That was a good plan for the first bit, but eventually they got hungry for bananas and mad when I couldn’t deliver.

Daily distance: 8.2 miles
Bike Month cumulative: 58.4 miles

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