30 Days of Biking day 23: Why I shouldn’t drive

I got lost driving to Lincoln Park today. Yep, the same Lincoln Park I biked to two days ago and have successfully driven to in the past. We’ve just been heading east so often lately for dentist and snowboarding that I automatically hopped on the 90, despite the GPS pleading with me to take the West Seattle Bridge. My GPS maps are out-of-date so after 30 minutes of being led to various closed onramps when the baby started shouting “Out! Out!” I turned tail and headed home.

Once home we hopped on the bike and headed to the Wallingford Center for the local bunnyfest. We missed The Bubble Man and egg hunt, but got to meet the Easter Bunny, get faces painted, and meet The World’s Most Interesting Balloon Artist. We left with oodles of temporary bunny tattoos, puppy faces, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle wristband balloons. Plus we grabbed a sprinkler at Tweedy & Popp and met friends for brunch without having to re[bike]park. Bummed about missing two egg hunts and the Lincoln Park bouncy slide and more bummed about spending so much of this gorgeous day in the car for no reason.

Daily distance: 1.4 miles
Cumulative: 200 miles

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