30 Days of Biking day 17: Birthday party by bike (and car)

With better planning I probably could have made today work carfree. But as it was, the boys and I took the car out early this morning to post our “reserved” sign on our picnic shelter, pick up the birthday cake, and fetch bagels. Then the baby and I biked down to the park with decorations and craft project while the birthday boy and dad drove to pick up the coffee and bring everything else to the park. In retrospect I should have accepted the help of friends and had people already planning to drive over get the food. I think we could have fit everything else on my bike and in a kid-less double trailer attached to my husband’s bike.

Two other families came by bike (and from farther away than us) so that was really cool! And since the day was sunny (though still cold!) there were tons of biking families at the park.

I just took the little kid home with me so I randomly chose a street to bike up from the Burke-Gilman: Latona. It was steep! I made it, but it was a grind. I didn’t have the helium balloon with me, but I can’t imagine anything would make that hill pleasant.

Daily distance: 2.4 miles
Cumulative: 131.7 miles

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