30 Days of Biking day 11: Cargo bike naps

One advantage of cargo bikes and trailers over bikes seats is their nap-inducing magical properties. With kids of napping age, I think that’s reason enough to own a cargo bike as well as a normal bike. I really should get one! I’d love not having to rush back from a bike excursion for nap.

The baby caught a stomach bug last night so I bundled him up in a sweater and beach towels and he happily came along for a little bike outing. We started out with a visit to the Bahia to see Billy and Gracie in the seal pool and walk around with the baby ducks by our wedding gazebo.

Next stop was dog beach in Ocean Beach since we thought the sight of puppies would cheer up the sick baby. He got out of his comfy nest, but decided the dogs were too big so he hopped back in and we rode around OB a bit before heading back. Both kids fell asleep on our way back up the Ocean Beach Bike Path.

I made it up the Glenn A. Rick/Mission Bay Drive bridge (pictured below) again! I think it’s steeper heading into Mission Beach. Yesterday I saw a woman walking a beach cruiser up and a man walking a mountain bike. Today the roadie who passed me was panting louder than I.

I had to keep the bike rolling to keep the kids asleep so I headed around Mission Bay and over to Law Street Beach. I also discovered it’s not a good idea to ride a Cabby over soft grass. It seemed a good alternative to a twenty-point turn to get headed back the right direction. I didn’t get stuck and no one woke up, but it required even more muscle than getting up the bridge!

Daily distance: 14.9 miles
Cumulative: 96.0 miles

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