Fun with bungee

I’m new to the exciting world of bungee cords–I’d never used one before lashing a stroller into the double trailer last year. And today was my second time bungeeing the stroller atop the Milano’s basket. The first time didn’t go perfectly and it slid into a vertical position by the time I got home, but I did good today and it stayed put there and back. I just own the one bungee cord, but I’m tempted to go get a second one so I can put bulky stuff on both sides. Of course I don’t need to add more weight to my rig as I’m already slow enough and still haven’t found a rideable route home from the Burke-Gilman Trail. But think of all the stuff I could haul!

Today’s excursion was to the zoo, utilizing the busy, but flat-enough N 46th Street. While still in Wallingford on 45th, I ran into a friend who was also headed to the zoo. She was traveling by car and had stopped on the way for coffee. We ended up arriving at the gate at the same time. In the summer when parking is in higher demand I’m sure bike will prove much faster than car.

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