Hub and Bespoke trunk show

Even this unfashionable slob can appreciate stylish cycling apparel.

I snuck out without the kids to the Nona Varnado Trunk Show at Hub and Bespoke, a cycling boutique. The clothing was very pretty and had all the appropriate extra pockets one wants in cycling gear. I really liked the hooded jacket I tried on, which will be available in black soon. The teeny crop jacket and hipster (upper left corner) looked great on Nona, but were a bit too fasion-forward for moi. The Midori punch and sushi was great, too.

Juliette politely listened to me complain about the weather and told me about the thigh-high merino wool socks that sold out too quickly in the fall. And I realized aloud that just because I’m ready for winter to be over, it doesn’t mean I should wear summer footwear when going out at night. Fortunately, the hilly ride home keep me plenty warm.

I took the Milano over because I was curious to see if I could make it up the hills home without the extra kid weight. I still haven’t found the flattest round-about route and have had to walk half a block each time to get home from the Burke-Gilman Trail. I took the direct steep route and was able to barely power my way up the hill. So that’s good to know. Perhaps there’s hope for me yet.

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