No new bike for me

Ten days after the deadline for the contest to win a new PUBLIC Bike, the results are in and I’m flabbergasted that I didn’t win. I guess it’s a good thing because I really don’t need another city bike; I shouldn’t be greedy. But my 200-word-or-less entry for a 90-minute local ride was super-awesome. Here it is:

The copilots on our tour of Seattle will be my one- and three-year-old sons, in their Bobike mini and maxi bike seats, so be prepared to hear “Wow, you’ve really got your hands full!” many times and enjoy a route designed to include trains and boats.

We’ll meet at the sundial in historic Gas Works Park and start our day by taking perspective shots of each other squishing the Space Needle. Then we’ll ride west along the Burke Gilman Trail to my favorite bike shop (and your test ride partner), Dutch Bike Co where we’ll grab coffee and snacks.

Next we’ll head through the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks. It’s a bit of a pain because we’ll have to walk our bikes, but while doing so we’ll get to watch ships pass through and probably see a few jumping salmon, too.

We’ll cycle south, flanking the train tracks (trains!) to the gorgeous Elliott Bay Trail, which will take us along the scenic Seattle Waterfront. We’ll catch the King County Water Taxi at Pier 50 and head over to West Seattle. In West Seattle we’ll ride west along the beach to Alki for a relaxing beer at the beach.

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