Feeling wimpy for not attempting the whole Tour de Flannel, I decided to ride into new territory, past Magnuson Park. I chose Log Boom Park, the northernmost point along the Burke-Gilman and 14.5 miles from home. Google Maps said it would take 1:16 so I’m proud of myself for coming remotely close with 1:33. Plus that included two brief stops: one to grab new kid snacks from the “trunk” and two to double check my iPhone map to make sure I hadn’t gone too far (ha ha, we weren’t even close at that point). I keep thinking I’ve embraced the journey itself, but I find myself caring about how fast I’m getting there.

The ride was great and the path is beautiful past Matthews Beach Park. I was the only one to appreciate it, though, since the baby fell asleep and the toddler had his nose buried in a book. I appreciated the quiet, too.

At the park, a mother and her grown daughter admired my bike setup. She was hardcore and rode everywhere when her daughter was little, from trailer to rear seat to trail-a-bike and didn’t own a car until the daughter entered high school. I told her I’ve been thinking about biking everywhere, but haven’t wrapped my head around grocery shopping yet. She suggested hooking up the trailer (which we actually thought of last night when I was lamenting not being able to Xtracycle the Milano and not being ready for a different bike) or taking a taxi. I can only imagine the nightmare putting two carseats into a taxi, so the trailer it is! Or perhaps it’s time to enroll in Amazon Fresh like everyone else and avoid the whole issue.

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