30DoB day 28: South Lake Union Park

We stayed close to home in the morning with our first errand a bike-up ATM trip, which I think is my new favorite bike activity. Then we hit the children’s bookstore where we locked up to bicycle-shaped bike rack to play on their train table.

After waiting half the day for the sun to make its promised appearance, we eventually gave up and napped and then cycled down to the new South Lake Union Park where we discovered many new bike racks and lots of open space (though much of it was roped off to protect the immature grass).

It was cool riding home during evening commute time as we saw a lot more cyclists than usual. A hipster sat up in the saddle and applauded me as I huffed and puffed my way up Westlake to the Fremont bridge. I guess it’s not really that much of a hill if he didn’t need to hold onto his handlebars to ascend. I got a couple more cheers riding up Stone and a woman in a minivan slowed down to roll down her window and congratulate me. A gal could get used to all this attention. Brandt was pretty intrigued and said, “Mama, hear that??” each time someone spoke to me. Oh, and the sun finally came out around 7pm, shortly after we got back home.

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