30DoB day 26: Apple Store

Took the boys to the Apple Store in University Village this evening to get my broken iPhone looked at. We usually take the Burke Gilman Trail to the west so it’s always an adventure to head east. It was quite adventurous this time as it was some sort of orientation day and the University area was teeming with teenagers wearing name tags milling about unaware of cyclists.

It was nice having the bike at U-Village because I can never find my way around so I easily circled a few times before pulling up to a map. That would have been impossible by car and taken much longer on foot. Yeah yeah yeah, I’ve been to the Apple Store once before, but I’ve got zero sense of direction.

The college freshman were off the path by the time we headed home, but there were tons of bugs out and I got one in the eye–yuck! We took a small detour on Northlake Way to better see the boats. There’s a bit of a bike path down there, but also lots of sharp rocks so I think we’ll stick to the BGT from now on.

On the way up Stone Brandt dropped his water bottle. That was a first. But it wasn’t too bad circling back and picking it up. Between that and missing two lights it was quite a relaxing uphill ride.

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