30DoB day 22: Monorail

Today was sunny as well as special: World Car Free Day. We started out with a ride to the Space Needle. I’m still trying to figure out the best route there. Next time I think I’ll see if I can manage the hill up Dexter, but then we’ll miss out on the view of Lake Union. Today we trespassed through an open gate to watch the Seattle Queen paddle boat fueling up. Good stuff.

To mix things up a bit, we hopped on the Monorail. It was really easy with the bike and the elevator at the Westlake Center is right by the Monorail stop and pretty big–we fit with a family with stroller–so even easier than the Light Rail. From Westlake we rode down Pine to Pike Place Market and then down to the Waterfront. I’m starting to like riding around downtown.

I was feeling pretty proud of myself finding my way home along the Elliott Bay Trail–I tend to blindly follow the leader when I’m riding in a group. I found my way to the locks, but by following the bike signs I ended up on an incredibly (for me) steep hill. The good part is that we found the wooden bridge that crosses over the train tracks this way, but I think it’ll be our only time taking that route.

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