30DoB day 10: Lullaby Moon

The boys and I rode down to Gasworks Park for Lullaby Moon this evening. I forgot that “arriving early” for something in this city means an hour early, not just 20 minutes early. So by the time we go there, the place was packed. The entire face of kite hill was carpeted in people so we didn’t get the best spot, but it allowed for more running around room. Thank goodness we biked because Dan tried to meet us on his way home from work and couldn’t find parking anywhere nearby and had to give up.

I took the road bike and double trailer in case either or both kids wanted to fall asleep on the way home, but it turned out to be a mistake as Baby Rijder has decided he doesn’t like the trailer right now. Brandt tried to distract him with toys, snacks, and singing, but nothing did the trick. I think I’ll give him a whole month off and then try again.

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