30DoB day 8: Drive-through banking

Bike definitely trumps car when it comes to the ATM. This city has no drive-through ATMs (that I’ve seen, anyway). I’ve seen people leave their babies in the car at the ATM, but these guys would never go for that. This may prove to be my favorite moment of 30 Days of Biking. A friend happened to walk by during my withdrawal so I didn’t even have to ask a stranger to take my photo.

Money in hand, we checked out Sock Monster in Wallingford, which unfortunately no longer has the Addams Family pinball game. I knew I should have visited sooner! But the gal said rumor has it it’s been moved to Snooze Junction. For $20 I got three pairs of awesome knee high socks so I can bike warmly without having to wear long pants. I also scoped out the railings around the Wallingford Center and saw a couple places to park a bike and keep it dry in the rain. Finding dry parking spots is going to be my new hobby and will probably dictate where we go on grey days.

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