Burley buddies

Baby Rijder had a pretty good day in the double trailer to Magnuson Park and back today. He still hates his helmet, but Brandt was able to keep him from noticing it for quite a while by feeding him bites of rijstwafel (rice cracker). On the way back I saw a baby in a Burley nestled in a little taco shell. I just looked it up and it must have been the Burley Baby Snuggler, but it’s only for jogging with so there goes my almost solution for Baby Rijder.

The ride itself wasn’t bad. It was freezing at the park and a bit windy heading back. I’m just loving riding the road bike and actually passing people on the trail. Everyone passes me when I’m on the Bianchi. Stone is still hard and my timing today made it extra hard as I had to sit up and wave at four Ride the Ducks boat cars on the way up. Maybe Brandt wouldn’t notice if I didn’t wave when he’s tucked away back in the trailer, but at this point it’s second nature.

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