Lake Union Wooden Boat Festival

We took an exciting new bike route over the Fremont Bridge down to South Lake Union for the Wooden Boat Festival. As much as Brandt loves tug boats, he does not like tug boats that honk their horns loudly every fifteen minutes so the boat show was not the success I had expected it to be. He did find one little boat he liked, Compadre, and went aboard a few times. Eventually the tug boat horn blowing got to be too much so we headed inside the building where the boys played in the kiddie play area.

Done with the big boats, we headed farther east along the lake for lunch at I Love Sushi. It’s so nice over there! Totally felt like San Diego’s Shelter Island. We dined outside right on the marina and spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out at the little playground and watching the tall ships stage a fight from a safe distance.

Part of the ride seemed a little sketchy since it went through a series of parking lots. I think this is the same route for getting downtown which is a ride we need to make one of these days. I’d also like to ride to the Water Taxi and get over to West Seattle.

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