Double trailer

Baby Rijder and Brandt rode together in the double trailer for the first time. Baby Rijder was not a fan of the bike helmet, but Brandt was very helpful and fed him snacks until he fell asleep. Unfortunately I didn’t have the foresight to pack baby-friendly snacks, so Baby Rijder got his first dose of Trader Joes schoolhouse cookies. He likes sugar.

Our first stop was CounterBalance Bicycles to get the road bike’s gears fixed. In the past I would have just walked to Gregg’s in the neighborhood, but after a $100 tuneup on the city bike during which they didn’t even fix its gear issues (issue they built it with!) I decided I’d rather bike half an hour to a real shop. And it was so worth it! They were incredibly nice and fixed it for free, immediately. Not immediate enough for Baby Rijder to stay asleep, but our second stop was University Village, just down the hill so he didn’t have to deal with the bike much longer.

Both boys fell asleep on the ride home. BR cried a bit and Brandt fell asleep during the noise and then Mini conked out shortly thereafter. So not a completely successful outing. The solo road bike rides will have to wait a bit until BR can better tolerate the helmet.

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