Beach bike

Taking advantage of the gorgeous day, we drove to Alki for brunch and balance biking. Hopefully we’ll get into the habit of biking to Alki, but today we drove over. I wanted to brunch at Alki Cafe, but when we saw the line out the door we hit Bamboo Bar and Grill instead. It ended up being the perfect spot as there were only a couple other people eating and the food was great. The waitress brought Dan the wrong dish, but she warned him as she set it down that it might be wrong because she was distracted by flirting Baby Rijder and wasn’t paying attention. How can one fault that? Brandt was intrigued by the fake tiki torches and BR dug the ceiling fans so it was good all around.

The balance biking went well, but Brandt wasn’t content on the flats and made Dan run down the hill with him over and over. The Kinderbike Mini is looking a little too small, though. I think Brandt had a growth spurt between when I measured his inseam and his birthday. No biggie, we’ll just move onto the next Kinderbike and save this little one for Baby Rijder. I’m sure he’ll want to copy his big brother and ride before long.

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