Bicycle built for three

I took my first bike ride with the trailer today. Actually, I took a test ride with the empty trailer once last week, but today was my first bike ride with both Brandt in his front seat and Baby Rijder in his car seat in the trailer. It’s hard! I even had to walk a block. It is going to take a lot of practice before I can make the ride up Stone…and Baby Rijder’s just going to keep getting heavier!

For the record, my only reason for biking was because I got a parking ticket at Revolutions Coffee last week (I tried to buy a parking sticker, but the stupid machine wasn’t cooperating). Of course it rained cats and dogs on us (ooh, I’ll have to teach Brandt that term–he’ll love it!). It wasn’t awful. The bike has fenders and the rain shield kept Baby Rijder dry, but I don’t think I’ll make a point of riding in the rain. I guess I’ll know I’ve become a true Seattlite when that changes.

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