Kidical Mass Green Lake

I biked to the playground yesterday and figured that would be my last ride for a while, but still no new baby so we joined the Kidical Mass ride this evening. It was nearby (met in Wallingford and rode to Green Lake) so it wasn’t much effort, compared to the previous Ballard ones.

Our Totcycle hosts promised Mighty-O donuts to the group and due to a mixup at the shop, only got part of the order before the ride. Since we had the empty Burley, we volunteered to pick up the rest of the donuts and transport them to the park. Why they’d trust a hugely pregnant woman with a bunch of free donuts is beyond me. Plus, we had to ride right by our house so it would have been very easy to make off with the goodies. The original plan was to swim in the lake at the west beach, but we ended up at the wading pool (yet again) instead and ate healthy dinners before breaking out the donuts.

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