Sanibel Island

We’ve escaped the Vegas heat to enjoy the Florida heat. Dan has fond childhood memories of vacationing on Sanibel so that’s where we are. I’m just excited to be anywhere in Florida for the first time. And the island is super bike-friendly so that’s a bonus.

This morning we rode our bikes to breakfast at the Over Easy Cafe and then over to the J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge. I was hoping for a nice shady jungley area to walk around and play with manatees, but it was a four-mile long wide exposed car/bike/ped road and it was hot! But it was very pretty and we saw lots of birds and jumping fish and even an alligator. One thing that struck me as odd about the refuge: people were allowed to catch fish and crabs. So I guess it’s only a refuge for certain critters. On our way to the refuge we saw our first turtle along side the bike path.

All the excitement was a bit much for Brandt and he fell asleep on the ride home. It’s bad for babies to sleep in a bike seat because the weight of the helmet is too much on their slumped over head (or something like that) so I convinced Dan he needed to hold Brandt’s head up with one hand while rushing home. Thank goodness we put the bike seat on his bike! (We rented bikes, but we brought the Bobike Mini and Brandt’s helmet with us rather than rent a crappy bike seat and helmet here.) I tried to keep up, but gave up in the end and Dan and Brandt sped on home ahead of me. I had a flashback to Oma taking Alex and me for bike rides on Terschelling, shouting “You kids keep up!”

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