30 Days of Biking 2014 – Day 14

We started our day with a quick spin through the I-5 Colonnade Mountain Bike Park which was much too hard and we mostly just walked our bikes around.

But our real destination was Cal Anderson Park to meet up with other family bikers–the Colonnade was a not-very-restful rest break on the way up. Our short-notice play date didn’t attract a big crowd, but Davey Oil and kids came on Blooey, the amazing one-of-a-kind Xtracycle EdgeRunner cycle truck conversion with Stokemonkey e-assist.

This morning I had forgotten about my broken FreeLoader bag strap and carried one of the kid bikes by tying a knot and reinforcing with a bungee cord. The other day, Davey mentioned he had extra straps at the shop–G&O Family Cyclery–so I was going to try to make it in this week, but he gave me one of the straps off his own bag. What service!

Tom of Seattle Bike Blog came by, too, and we all rode to City Hall together to watch the City Council vote on the Bicycle Master Plan.

There were balloons and cake!

And it passed unanimously! The kids celebrated by biking up and down in front of City Hall–today on the sidewalk, but perhaps someday while they’re still kids in a protected bike lane.

But for the time being, our downtown travel is like this, everyone on the mamabike:

I let the kids ride their own bikes again when we got near the Elliott Bay Trail. We took a break to climb on the Parking Squid bike rack across from the Seattle Aquarium and I saw my friend Rebecca ride by. I feel bad hollering at and distracting friends while they pedal by, but I just can’t help it. Rebecca looked back and made a very safe u-turn to come hang out for a bit. By the way, she’s got a great project: Seattle Bicyclist Portraits. If she doesn’t find you and snap a picture, submit one! 10″x10″ 100 dpi photos sent to rebeccabikes[at]gmail[dot]com

We rode together a bit and just as I was telling her I’m much more relaxed about riding with both kids at the same time, they slammed on their brakes right in front of us. They heard the Sounder train coming and wanted to be ready to cover their ears. Rebecca convinced them to wave, too–cute!

The six-year old rode the whole way home–9.8 miles! The four-year old was off and on the mamabike. They both made it up the bridge in the rail yard. I was more impressed that the four-year old went down the other side. He said he wanted to walk, but changed his mind (I may have planted the seed that it wouldn’t look as steep once he got there and took a look) and coasted very slowly and cautiously.

He made it up the hill out of the rail yard, but that was enough riding for him and he insisted on hopping on the FlightDeck before I had a chance to realize I didn’t want both kids riding on 30 mph Gilman Avenue.

Did you notice the bicycle ballet leg above? There was a lot of that. And a lot of feet up on the frame. It was an incredibly slow ride home. I am a much more patient person now than ever before, but I did my fair share of urging him to pedal more.

I took a little video of part of our Elliott Bay Trail trip because those tiny legs spinning on those teeny cranks crack me up. It was funnier when he was on the 12-inch bike with even teenier cranks.

Today’s miles: 17.3 miles
April cumulative: 201.6 miles

Bikes ridden: 1
April cumulative: 7

Dogs: 0
April cumulative: 14

30 Days of Biking 2014 – Day 13

I was supposed to stay home and get stuff done, but it was much too pretty a day. So while the kids and Mr. Family Ride were at the beach (by car since he’s too tall for my cargo bike and doesn’t have his own…yet) I snuck out on my road bike to route test for the upcoming CycloFemme ride with Critical Lass and Kidical Mass. We’ll start at Flo Ware Park on May 11th–save the date!



It feels weird adding dogs to the monthly tally when the kids weren’t with me, but the tiny furry pup was hanging out in the street so I made friends with him and tried to lure him to the sidewalk while a car slowly drove by. I guess it’s a sign of a good group ride route when small dogs feel safe to hang out in the middle of the road. His owner was gardening at the opposite corner and called him over after the car went by so I didn’t leave him stranded. And the bottom dog was tied to the bike rack when I exited the coffee shop. He looked a little skittish so I chatted with him a bit before approaching my bike. I’d like to think only friendly dogs get tied to bike racks, but he didn’t look so friendly up close.


I wanted to take a picture of my bike and a pretty tree on the way home, but it’s not so easily done without a kickstand. I guess this works.


Today’s miles: 19.7 miles
April cumulative: 184.3 miles

Bikes ridden: 1
April cumulative: 7

Dogs: 2
April cumulative: 14

30 Days of Biking 2014 – Day 12

Today we headed five miles east on the Burke-Gilman Trail to Magnuson Park for the Celebrate Urban Nature Festival. On the way we discovered the new connector to Children’s Hospital is open! We’ll have to schedule another doughnut delivery soon and use it.

The kids get so excited when we enter the two-way cycle track connecting the Burke-Gilman Trail to Magnuson Park, but not all adults like it. Note the guy riding uphill in the street rather than use the cycle track. I often see downhill bicyclists skip the cycle track, or at least exit it at the bottom-most green patch to avoid the confusing exit. I’d love if it had a separate bicycle light and both straight and diagonal intersection crossing markings or at least something. As it was, I crossed straight and loitered at the corner, in the way of right-on-red turning cars, debating if I should just cross through the red light to get out of the way, completing my left turn.

We stopped at University Village shopping center for lunch. It’s always fun to have the cargo bike there–moms with kids, shopping, and minivans can really appreciate a big bike.

Then onto Solsticio to meet up with visiting friends.

I met Joyanna at Portland DRT where she helped save the day with her regular bike and trailer. Today she and Joseph test rode my bike…I wonder if they’ll catch the cargo bike bug. It’s funny because normally Seattleites go down to Portland and experiment with cargo biking, not the other away around!

The four-year old and I took a little ride in the evening. I send him uphill on the sidewalk, but downhill in the street behind me. He can make it up OK without stopping, but the 16-inch single speed seems a little slow for uphill in the street.

Today’s miles: 13.8 miles
April cumulative: 164.6 miles

Bikes ridden: 1
April cumulative: 7

Dogs: 4
April cumulative: 12

30 Days of Biking 2014 – Day 11

New kickstand day! The four-year old and I biked down to Georgetown to see Haulin’ Colin of Cyclefab and pick up my repaired Rolling Jackass center stand. It’s ten miles away so there was SO MUCH to see (and document).

A construction wiggle had the happy result of us cruising by the Puget Sound Bike Share (coming late summer!) on the way to the Bell Street Park for Cars. Here my son is keeping an eye on the pack of bicycle cops a couple blocks behind us. We lost ‘em.

We took 1st from there and went by Hammering Man:

Two breakfasts wasn’t enough so we stopped for a snack in Pioneer Square. Second-to-last look at the loaner RJ thanks to G&O Family Cyclery.

The snack was just enough to stave off a tantrum because “I WANT A BAGEL!” and lo and behold, we happened upon a bagel place farther down 1st. No bike rack, but the motorcycle parked in the center of a spot so I figured I would, too. The kid wanted to stay out on the bike so I left him and ran in for a plain bagel (and cookies for Colin and Garth). A women in line behind me said I was “the coolest mom” and I’m pretty sure she meant she liked the bike and not that I’d left my kid unattended upon it.

And here we are! Last look at the black loaner center stand.

My original Rolling Jackass is super duper reinforced now:

And we got a sneak peek at the frame of this mobile repair trike they’re building for Bike Works. It’s enormous! And will have an electric-assist.

I didn’t particularly enjoy riding all the way down 1st, but Colin convinced me it was better than 4th, which only has a narrow sidewalk on one side for the bridge over the railyard. So we retraced our steps and thankfully there was much less broken glass going north. We had a lovely view of Mount Rainier on the way down, but the clouds shifted and obscured her on the way back up. But the railyard was view enough–big driving crane lifting containers onto flatcars!


And northbound 1st meant we could stop by the baseball stadium and climb on The Mitt.

And`we paid a visit to Back Alley Bike Repair.

Bad angle above. Here’s a better one. If you haven’t been down in a while, it no longer smells like pee! Before it was only cleaned monthly for First Thursday, but it must be on a more aggressive spraying-down schedule now. Yay.

Heading home we cut up to 4th to check out The Blue Trees at Westlake Park, but THE BLUE TREES AREN’T BLUE ANYMORE!

Thank goodness the Belltown Popsicle is the same as it ever was.

As is the Space Needle:

While huffing up Dexter I watched this guy get off a bus across the street with a heavy bag and a bike. He had a bit of trouble getting started and my wish came true when he crossed to our side of the road. I caught up to him and asked if I could carry his bag, but he declined (politely) and said he was almost home. He turned down that super steep hill–eek.

While waiting for the Fremont Bridge to let two sailboats through we noticed an enormous ship in Lake Union (above the Cervelo). We do a lot of boat watching and had never seen this one before.

I was eager to get home and have an hour to relax before school got out, but we had to detour through Gas Works Park and ride up kite hill to get a better look at the big ship. It was very weird–it motored itself in a couple circles before taking off towards, and through, the Fremont Bridge. I guessed it was lost and noticed the police boat dock and tried to get their attention to ask directions. Poor big boat. No one ever came out to help.

And then the funniest thing happened on our way out of the park. I joke about hop-ons and today had a few people pretend to want rides (and I’ve offered pretend rides before–real rides are reserved for people I know), but this guy with the trailer got a real hop-on! A random toddler grabbed onto the trailer’s push bar and hitched a quick ride before his mother wrestled him off. It was awesome!

With a stop at Katsu Burger for lunch to break up the pedaling, we were out of the house from 9:45 to 3. Quite a big day…especially when it’s just the one kid and we don’t need to be out all day because there’s no siblings-fighting-at-home to avoid. Oops, my secret is out: we probably wouldn’t bike around so much if the kids played more peaceably at home.

Today’s miles: 20 miles
April cumulative: 150.8 miles

Bikes ridden: 1
April cumulative: 7

Dogs: 4
April cumulative: 12

30 Days of Biking 2014 – Day 10

While the six-year old was in school all day, the four-year old and I headed to the tippy top of Queen Anne for a playdate.

Next time we’ll try the “flat” route up (third picture down), but today we took the easy way up:

I still haven’t figured out a way to carry both kids multi-modally since we outgrew the last incarnation of the old mamabike, but it’s great for one-kid days.

Nothing incredibly spectacular today, but we stopped to chat with and pet four dogs while biking by. This snuggly little puppy at Solsticio doesn’t count since we weren’t on the bike, but I did get to hold him for 10 minutes.

Today’s miles: 7.8 miles
April cumulative: 130.8 miles

Bikes ridden: 1
April cumulative: 7

Dogs: 4
April cumulative: 12

30 Days of Biking 2014 – Day 9

After dropping the kids at school I switched to bigger and quieter cargo, my friend Alyssa’s new EdgeRunner. She was busy using her Xtracycled Breezer to carry her cross bike and Burley Piccolo. Not that she couldn’t have carried all three bikes, but she knows I like to haul cargo bikes.

Alyssa was dropping bikes off to be worked on, but the real reason we were at JRA was to check out a tandem bike. We’ve been daydreaming about a tandem bike lately, but we need to figure out a way to hide it from our spouses.

Tandem time!

The tandem was super fun and we each took a turn being the captain. We didn’t end up taking the tandem so it’s still available at JRA and can be yours for a suggested $50 donation to a bicycle-oriented non profit, such as Washington Bikes, Bike Works or Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance.

The only other excitement of the day was when one of the straps holding my Xtracycle FreeLoader buckle to the v-rack broke off. The original velcro had already broken a while ago and I’d reattached it with two zip ties. Of course my bag of groceries didn’t fall out here on the sidewalk, but rather in an intersection…but very close to the corner so it didn’t get run over.

Now to find my stash of zip ties. And dream of tandem bikes.

Today’s miles: 21.1 miles
April cumulative: 123 miles

Bikes ridden: 2
April cumulative: 6

Dogs: 0
April cumulative: 8

30 Days of Biking 2014 – Day 8

Today was not gorgeous out like yesterday, but it didn’t rain until 3pm so that was something to celebrate…with some morning clowning around on the bike:

On the way to PCC after preschool pickup we saw a car use the contra-flow bike lane rather than honor the one-way road and go around the block. I’ve seen this happen just a handful of times, but I bet it’s a common occurrence. It’s a great bike lane in theory, but there’s usually an armored truck parked in it when we visit the grocery store. Upon leaving the grocery store we saw two guys walking their bikes in the bike lane. It certainly does serve a lot of different purposes.

In the evening I ditched the kids to be a panelist at Cascade Bicycle Club’s Cycling Wisdom by Women, for Women. I met a couple friends at Fremont Brewing Company to lead a group ride over. I think if it hadn’t been raining a few more women would have made it out.

Great turn out at the event, 40-50 women on a late (if, like me, you consider 7-9pm late) and rainy night.

Photo courtesy Martha Walsh

Photo courtesy Martha Walsh

Cascade Bicycle Club is going to start more women’s programming. Here’s the brand new Resources for women cyclists web page, revealed on the big screen at the panel. Ooh, I’m “bicycling supermom”!!

Today’s miles: 19.2 miles
April cumulative: 101.9 miles

Bikes ridden: 1
April cumulative: 5

Dogs: 0
April cumulative: 8